The purpose of our service is to provide minimum standards requirements to safeguard life and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity, and protection for safety from potential hazards that encompass protection against electric shock, protection against thermal effects, protection against over-current, protection against fault currents, and protection against over-voltage, by providing regulated electrical design and calculations which are the most important phase in the construction process (selection of appropriate materials, supply and installation), operation and maintenance or use of electrical equipment and systems.

Swetec® Design, calculations and drawings are performed by professionals as per the applicable codes and standards, ensuring safe, economical and effective design.


Swetec® Electrical Design and analysis shall be based on the following codes and standards:

  • NEC – National Electric Code
  • NFPA – National Fire Protection Association
  • ICC – International Code Council
  • NEMA – National Electric Manufacturers Association


  • Commercial Buildings (Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, Commercial kitchens, etc …)
  • Residential Buildings (Palaces, Villas, Apartments, Hotels, etc …)
  • Industrial Buildings (Warehouses, Factories, etc …)
  • High-rise Buildings


NOTE: To get a proposal for complete Electrical design (HCU and LCU) and calculations including specifications and BOQ,  please send us the building layout drawings to the following email:

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