Turgo Turbines SWT-HP F H Series

The Turgo turbine is an impulse water turbine designed for medium head applications. Our Turgo Turbines can achieve operational efficiency of about 90%. It’s an AC direct system consists of a turbine-generator unit producing AC power to fed directly your home appliances, no need of batteries and inverter.

This system is provided with brushless special rare-earth permanent magnet alternator which is more efficient than ordinary alternator and includes a control panel, integral Turgo turbine and flow control valve to supply ready-to-use 115V / 230V / 380V AC power.

The output voltage and frequency are controlled by an electronic load controller with ballast, the power is monitored and the unused power is directed to the ballast.

Our Turgo turbine was designed to produce power easily and inexpensively for the households in the remote areas. It has been incredibly successful and today thousands are installed throughout the world.

System Function

Turgo Turbine Function

As the water flow falling through the pipe head, can supply power to comfortably run a small household. Water is collected upstream from the turbine and channeled in a pipe down passing through a nozzle, where it accelerates, strike the turbine runner and turn an AC single-phase brushless permanent magnet alternator. An electric load controller is built on the alternator which stabilizes the voltage to 110V / 220V or 380V to protect the electrical appliances during use.

This machine is compact, easy to install and requires little maintenance except lubricating the bearing every few months. Installation is very simple and explained in the manual. Once installed there are no running costs, the maintenance cost is very low.

300-750W Series

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1.5-3KW Series

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3-6KW Series

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10-30KW Series

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For best service and for a preliminary assessment, only you have to send us the required below information of your project:

  1. The volume of water flowing in your stream, expressed as liters per second.
  2. The head (height of drop) of the falling water, expressed in meters.
  3. The length of the penstock (pipeline) in meters.


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