System Description

Swetec® Solar integrated PV Systems are designed according to the international codes and standards, they consist of high quality and certified components and devices such as:

  • High quality solar PV modules
  • High quality anodized aluminum mounting kit, UV resistance,
  • Pure sine wave inverter, programmable, provided with bypass, ATS, LCD display screen, and full electronic protection.
  • Solar Charge Controller, programmable, including full electronic protection (over charge, discharge, over temperature, etc…), diversified load control mode with LCD display screen showing all system parameters.
  • Battery bank consists of multi units of 2V or 12Vseries (OPzV or Gel type) expected life time more than 12 years.
  • Special solar PV cables and MC4 connectors.
  • Waterproof class combiner box including fuse modules, lightning protection module, DC output breaker, etc.
  • Friendly operation,
  • Micro CPU processor control,
  • Pure sine wave form AC output,
  • Primary power source selection settings,
  • Work with AC equipment widely,
  • Intelligent LCD display screen showing all system parameters (voltage, power, amperage, battery voltage and capacity level, etc…)
  • Bypass charge and power supply function.
  • Emergency battery charger working automatically for limited time during grid power supply to charge the batteries in case of the solar power is not available and the battery bank is fully discharged, this special feature achieves system reliability and power continuity without any breakdown forever.
  • Automatic transfer switch (ATS) between the system power and the grid power, with high transfer time below 4ms,
  • Full range of intelligent protection, over load, over current, over voltage, over heat, short circuit, low voltage, over charge and discharge and so on.
Technical Data

5000VA Technical Data


5000VA Load Reference


Solar PV System Guarantee


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