PV Systems

General Features

Solar PV Systems

Swetec® Solar integrated PV Systems are designed according to the international codes and standards, they consist of high quality and certified components and devices such as:

  • High quality solar PV modules
  • High quality anodized aluminum mounting kit, UV resistance,
  • Pure sine wave inverter, programmable, provided with bypass, ATS, LCD display screen, and full electronic protection.
  • Solar Charge Controller, programmable, including full electronic protection (over charge, discharge, over temperature, etc…), diversified load control mode with LCD display screen showing all system parameters.
  • Battery bank consists of multi units of 2V or 12V series (OPzV or Gel type) expected life time more than 12 years.
  • Special solar PV cables and MC4 connectors.
  • Waterproof class combiner box including fuse modules, lightning protection module, DC output breaker, etc.
  • shop drawing.

Solar System
2000 VA

Solar System
5000 VA

Solar System
8000 VA

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