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Wind Turbine

Swetec® had swiftly grown into one of the most experienced suppliers and installers of small and medium wind turbines, providing you the space to install a turbine in the best windy location. In addition, we can help you turn a relatively small investment into a large return whilst also, providing you or your company with free & green electricity!

We offer a full range of wind turbines starting from 300 W up to 100 KW to suit various different needs. However, as not all sites are suitable for wind turbines, we can provide you with an initial ‘desktop’ survey shows you the average wind speed and all wind data in your area.
In case of the results are accepted, after that, we can arrange a preliminary site visit to check and verify in greater details and hopefully get the ball moving towards installing an efficient wind turbine and with a reasonable yearly income. So, you won’t be charged a penny until we get your wind turbine into planning and ensuring you have a competitive fees!

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Our Innovations

Industry Focused Products!


  • Reliable passive self furling.
  • Auto brake slows, it will down the blades spin when the batteries are charged.
  • Marine quality powder coated aluminum body and water tight housing.
  • Iron Boron Neodymium magnet alternator.
  • Reliability, the design of the body efficiently flows the excess heat into the wind, reducing operating temperature.
  • Operational life time is more than 15 years.
  • Two years warranty.

Technical Specifications

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