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Wind Solar Hybrid System

Systems combining wind and solar energy have been technically developed recently. They are simply incorporated into most homes and are often allied with a battery-backup system that grants security in case of energy crisis.

A Hybrid electric system that combines wind and solar technology offers several advantages in comparison with single system.

When to Consider a Hybrid Wind-Solar System?

Even during the same day, in many regions worldwide or in some periods of the year, there are different and opposite wind and solar resource patterns. And those different patterns can make the hybrid systems the best option for electricity production.

A hybrid system is simply a combination of photovoltaic solar panels and a wind generator. Each performs best in opposite seasons, wind in the winter months and solar in the summer months, so they complement each other to provide more consistent power to your building.

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The Combination

The combination involved on hybrid systems is rather obvious, to get a target goal of, say, 80 kWh of electricity per month we can use a single 2kW wind turbine (instead of a 4kW one…) and a solar system with a smaller array of modules.

Hybrid wind & solar systems provide more consistent year-round performance and reduce the need for back-up generation and saving fuel.

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